The Progress Report Off The Porch Interview, Interview by Haze recently sat down with DJ eXeL, Lalaa Shepard, and Boss Britt from The Progress Report for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Recently we linked with Tootie Raww for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! We recently caught up with buzzing Florida rapper Jimbo World for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Off The Porch: Jazz Anderson & Persuasian sit down with Dirty Glove Bastard for an exclusive interview! During our conversation he discussed growing up inRiverdale, growing up withWaka Flocka& super producerSouthside, his biggest life lessons, his start in pursuing his rap career, witnessingWaka Flockablow up, working with Mike Will Made It, hisrelationship withSony Digital, new EPSage in The Air, his new music video Mr. Recently we linked with YNW BSlime for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! 1 album, his new single Frozone, and much more! We recently caught back up with Atlantas Prince Ink for another Off The Porch interview! During our conversation they talked about how they got intimating beats 3 years ago, their musical influences, learning how to make beats by watching YouTube videos, their first placements, explains how they linked with 4PF, they reveal how they met each other, being surprised by how quickly their careers took off, explain how they got their producer tags, Section 8 being Grammy nominated for producing Lil Baby Bigger Picture single, watching We Paid by Lil Baby & 42 Dugg blowing up, ChiChi not expecting Throat Baby to blow up, the remix with DaBaby & The City Girls, their creative process when they are cooking up together, not spending more than 10 minutes on a beat, ChiChi talks about working with Rylo Rodriguez, collabing with big producers, and much more! Marlo then took a back seat as Babys career took off but is now 100% focused on his music. Recently we caught up with Foogiano for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! We recently sat down with Londyn B for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Part 2 is available to watch now too! Clay County is a county located in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Georgia, The first and the only rap bitch with a plaque in my city. We recently sat down with Georgia artist Dodi for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our discussion he talked about engineering Lil Babys new album My Turn that debuted #1 on Billboard, first making beats while in college, how he got his start as an engineer, explains how he got his producer tags Mattazik Been Boomin Off Rip & Matt, What Up? During our conversation he talked about life in St. Petersburg, his mother putting him into a group home when he was 16, saving a kids life when he was a lifeguard, the St. Pete police killing his cousin last month, what inspired him to start rapping, explains why he has remained independent, investing a lot of money into his career, the music scene in St. Pete right now, his close relationships with King Von & YNW Melly, his vision for the Thug Souljahs music video, the controversy surrounding the IG Live & music video, people not caring for certain rappers until they pass away, his new project Bigger Blessings, receiving great feedback on the project, the single & video Doormat w/ Pooh Shiesty, upcoming music video No Justice No Peace, giving back in his community, and much more! Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. Quill spent a couple months in jail earlier this year for a probation violation but has since came home with a new focus on his life and is making the best music of his career right now. Learn more about your ad choices. program that allows him to stay here legally, his mother receiving a 10 year ban from the US for bringing him here & how his relationship with God kept his faith strong, 10:07 Talks about his mother buying him a laptop before she left the US which lead to him making beats and earning his first 6 figures, using music as an escape from his real life tribulations & reveals his family wasnt supportive of his music producing career at first, 14:06 Speaks on his internship with Hoodrich where he was a videographer, explains what he learned while interning & why he recommends internships for other upcoming artists, 20:43 Talks about working with Hoodrich Pablo Juan, 22:46 Speaks on working with Makonnen Trust Me Danny, Drink More Water 5 Freestyle, 27:09 Talks about producing A$AP Fergs Back Hurt while he was homeless sleeping in a closet, working with Ugly God, Lil Pump, Lil Tecca, Juice Wrld, Lil Uzi Vert, reveals he just signed a deal for his next album & plans to help out other D.A.C.A. read less Start Here Mar 28 2023 The Progress Report Off The Porch Interview Copyright 2023 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. She hear what Monica has to say while driving her corvette. Recently we sat down with Asian Doll for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Last week we sat down with buzzing Michigan rapper Since99 for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Recently we caught back up with Don Trip for a brand new Off The Porch interview! During our conversation he discussed being on a promo tour for his film Lets Eat, teaching himself how to act during the film, launching his new champagne, writing his own film when he was locked up, his new single Woah, gearing up for his new album Porterville 3, going on the road with Trey Songz, upcoming song with Pusha T, Interview by MikalaTV During our conversation he talked about life in Louisville, the violence in the city, fatherhood, jumping off the porch when he was 12, dropping out of school in the 10th grade, getting shot twice, recently coming home from prison after 4 years, hearing EST Gees music blowing up while locked up which motivated him to pick it back up when he came home, adjusting to back recording, his fans staying down with him, explains why street music in Louisville was overlooked for so long, his creative process, dropping music videos back to back since hes been home, explains how he linked with Mozzy before he got locked up, re-dropping the music video Street Life w/ Mozzy, his mixtape series Anti Rat Music, throwing shows in his city, upcoming music, shares advice for the youth, and much more!Learn more about your ad choices. Recently week we sat down with the OG, Bigga Rankin for an in-depth Off The Porch interview about his extensive career, embracing the role of an OG, the music scene in Duval County and family. We recently sat down with Detroits Certified Nique for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! As fans from all over continue to discover Tony, also take the time to understand his story. His career now spans 4 decades and with affiliations with No Limit Records, Ruff Ryders, Three 6 Mafia, Jet Life & more, he has worked with just about anybody you can think of. During our conversation he talked about releasing his first song 8 Ball and receiving 100k views for it in the first 3 weeks, reveals he has only been rapping for 10 months, that he is a senior in high school, explains why he plans to graduate regardless of blowing up, he talks about how rough life in Milwaukee is, the buzzing rap scene in Milwaukee right now, reveals which rappers he listens to, explains how him and 54 Baby Keise formed the 54 Babys, talks about his song Noon with Mari Boy Mula Mar, doing a dance in the Aye Aye music video, responds to people who said he stole his style from Detroit, working with FMB DZ & producer Helluva on It Get Dangerous, speaks on his friend Will who was killed last year, signing with Blackout Entertainment, talks about rap taking him out of the streets, his upcoming debut mixtape, producers hes been working with and much more. During our conversation they talked Interview by Manny Akiio Recently we caught up with Detroit producer Helluva for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Miami rapper Fred Rarrii aka Ferrari Fred has one of the most interesting stories in rap. Rappers being claiming cities for a while. 408 Following. During our sit down he talked about having a personally rough 2020, getting his start playing the piano in church when he was 15, starting to make beats when he was 24, his first placement being for Justin Bieber, the importance of being a musician, touring with The-Dream for 2 years, going from producing for R&B artists to trap music, Zaytoven teaching him how to make trap beats, meeting Zaytoven in church, explains his creative process, explains why he prefers to cook up with the artist in the studio, being hands on with artists when they are recording, explains how he first linked with Peewee Longway in 2013, explains how the idea for Longway Sinatra came about, what fans can expect from Longway Sinatra 2, getting 4 placements on Jeezys new album The Recession 2, his relationship with Jazze Pha, upcoming gospel album, scoring movies, and much more! During our conversation he talks about life in Pensicola, his childhood, jumping off the porch, getting shot in a drive-by shooting, life lessons hes learned, going through a lot in life, how the streets changed, musical influences, how he got the name Snake in his younger days, his music taking off, AWA, the music scene in Pensacola, dropping his new project 463 Stara Circle, and much more! During our conversation he discussed how he had to cut his hair during his recent stay in jail, growing up in Jacksonville, jumping off the porch, biggest life lesson, getting his buzz with Intro, his fallout with Foolio, the music scene in Jacksonville, his Gangsta S*** music videos blowing up, his new music videos Dirty Stick, Gucci Mane, remaining independent, fatherhood, and much more! Free, Cash Money & No Limit slick dissing each other in songs, how his previous drug addiction affected his career, being clean since 2004, selling 20,000 copies of his book independently, the importance of financial literacy, his thoughts on streaming & how it pays out, rappers not living up to their social media image nowadays, rappers chasing clout, his upcoming project Big Thuggin, and much more! We recently sat down with Indiana artist/producer/engineer AP Guada for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation, he talked about his plans to move to Atlanta soon, life in Orangeburg, his little brother getting killed last year, his career taking off so quickly, his mother being a rapper when he was growing up, explains how he got his name PG RA, explains how he linked up with Jetsonmade, the music scene in South Carolina, explains why he thinks people overlooked South Carolina for so long, his upcoming project Gods Gift, his next single Made. 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